Thanks for yesterday and two things !

Yesterday had its first open workshop on Artificial intelligence and society. Approx. 60 people from tech companies, research institutes, academia and government discussed questions on what happens in our society when AI becomes relevant in more and more areas. Many different professions were represented, professors, building architects, PhD students, AI researchers and more.

Full notes from the workshop yesterday are now under production and will be published on during next week.

First thing:
As discussed yesterday. An opportunity to engage.
During the next 6 months addAI will collect your perspectives on artificial intelligence. We now open for submissions to create a book with submitted articles/essays on the topic on AI. What do se AI doing in your area? What are your reflections? Issues, scenarios, possible answers? If you are interested to author a short essay for this book, please submit your interest before May 1’th.

Second thing:
After the workshop we got a lot of questions if it were possible to share contact details with each other. We also had journalist wanting to follow up some of the topics discussed. We do not want to share the contacts directly because we do not have your permission to do so but if you are willing to share you contact with the community, please give the permissions here: