AI var det nya svarta i Almedalen i år med runt 60 olika seminarier som berörde AI och dess effekter. En observation var att man ofta använde AI som det nya ordet för digitalisering vilket gjorde att många AI diskussioner kretsade kring ledning, innovation och samarbete snarare än ämnet artificiell intelligens. Även om ett antal

The Design Community and AI

What is the designer’s role in the development of AI? Rebecka Cedering Ångström and Helena Blackbright from addAI.org lead discussions about AI in the workshop on Sustainable Development at the Design Region Sweden’s meeting. Let’s continue this important conversation even outside the workshop! Thank you for your dedication!

Thanks for yesterday and two things !

Yesterday addAI.org had its first open workshop on Artificial intelligence and society. Approx. 60 people from tech companies, research institutes, academia and government discussed questions on what happens in our society when AI becomes relevant in more and more areas. Many different professions were represented, professors, building architects, PhD students, AI researchers and more. Full

Today we write in SvD ”Sweden needs a strategy for artificiell intelligens”

Today the initiative is publishing an article in the national newspaper Svenska Dagbladet regarding the need for a national AI strategy (in Swedish). https://www.svd.se/sverige-behover-strategi-for-artificiell-intelligens DEBATT | ARTIFICIELL INTELLIGENS Vad innebär det att vara människa – en fråga lika gammal som mänskligheten själv, men där svaret aldrig har varit viktigare än nu. Inför World Economic Forum

addAI at DigiGov 2017

The addAI initative was announced at DigiGov 2017 Daniel Akenine presented why AI needs to be taken seriously in public sector. Thanks for all interest and signups to the initiative! About DigiGov Over the course of two days, ministers, top decision-makers in the public sector, business and academia will conduct a strategic discussion on where